From Walla to Cub, either way it’s gonna get done!

I hope all of you enjoyed the Super bowl and Super bowl commercials!

Tonight the Walla-Pa-Looza volunteers get to meet with the Johnsburg Lions again to discuss what role they will take in the Kinney/Radtke benefit on Feb 27th. I am excited for a couple of reasons.

First, I enjoy meeting with the Lions because I am completely amazed at the contacts they have and how they are able to get things done. Second, I believe I will be sworn in as an official Lion in front of my friends in Walla-Pa-Looza. The Lions can use the help and I hope I can bring the same energy to their organization that I have for Walla-Pa-Looza. I was joking with one of the Lions the other day asking if I started out as a “cub”. I think he laughed at me not with me but I’m used to that.

Anyway, some of the things we are planning for the Kinney/Radtke benefit are a 50/50 raffle, a meat raffle (meat provided by Val’s Foods) a dart tournament (AH Entertainment, Sunnyside Inn), music provided by Peter & The Versatiles, Pizza by Half Times and much more. It is really nice to see two organizations work together as a team. I can truly say I am proud that I was able to bring them together.

The planning does not stop though folks. You might not hear from us for awhile as we don’t want to bug the crap out of you, but I can promise you as soon as the Kinney/Radtke event is over, we start working on THE big event – Walla-Pa-Looza 2010 – scheduled for July 31. This one is going to be huge. We have some new and exciting ideas for young and old. I am anxious to tell you the specifics but I need to you to keep reading my boring blogs and besides the Walla-Pa-Looza legal department will be all over me in a New York minute. So, keep coming back to our website as we are working on changes to it as well.

As most of you know, I am very proud of our volunteers and next week I am going to talk about one in particular. Have a great week and please continue to spread the word.