A Joint Effort …

I ran into a handful of guys that have helped with Walla-pa-looza this past weekend and thought I would focus on them, since they were were with us since day one. They are the Woodstock Infantry Association. To give you a little background on how they became our partners in charity I will need to start with Chad Miller. Chad had seen my note on Facebook and invited me for a beer to discuss how I was going to pull my first charity event off. Any discussion with Chad always includes beer so, I was ok with that. Chad had given me some information on a successful meat raffle his group put together at Horizontals in Wonder Lake, IL. They raised approximately $4,700.00 for families of fallen soldiers here locally in McHenry County.

So, I was very interested in how they put the event together and asked Chad for his assistance and since that May evening at O’Leary’s Pub in 2009 The Woodstock Infantry Association has done security at three of our events, set up meat raffles, and helped us set up and tear down. They show up on time, work their shifts and never complain.

The Woodstock Infantry Association was put together to aid the families of the soldiers that are currently deployed or have been killed in action but they serve our community much more than that. They have raised monies for a memorial in Woodstock, worked security at the Galt Airport Woodstock event and much more.

This organization is the same group of guys that at one time protected my family, the home I live in and the ground I walk on.

When you get a chance, go to the Woodstock Infantry Association website so you can learn more about this group of veterans and the things they do here in our community and if you can, offer some support. This is a remarkable group of people and although I am not a veteran I am proud to say that I am affiliated with them and I hope they will be able to help at our events for many years to come.

I am taking a couple of weeks off but we will have some guest bloggers posting some great stuff and pretty soon we will tell you who is playing our BIG event on July 31st 2010 but you will have to continue to read our blog to find out. So, please continue to tell your friends about the charity that rocks for cancer!

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  • Craig,

    I am glad you thanked the men of the Woodstock Infantry Club and brought attention to their organization and the good work they do. A reminder to everyone is that they are raising money for the restoration of the Civil War monument on Woodstock Square and could use some donations and help getting those donations so for those interested please contact the Woodstock Infantry Club at http://www.ginnbitters.com.

    I ask that everyone do what they can to spread the word about them.

    Best Wishes everyone,
    Mike Betts

    Comment by Mike Betts — March 22, 2010 @ 3:41 pm