The Stools That Become Chairs

Stool and Chair PhotoI love to "poke the bear". The truth is I love bears – Chicago Bears, Baby Bears (Go Cubs!) and even koala bears, but when a friend decides to join Walla-Pa-Looza and starts rolling his or her sleeves up I love to tell them they have to earn their “Chair” and until they do they are called a “Stool”.

Yes, I know, I thought it was really funny too!

One of my closest friends Mike Betts was our first “stool”. Now, anyone who knows Mike would know he is just a “tad” bigger than me. So imagine me running meetings and telling Mike he does not have a say because he is just a stool. At one point, I thought he would just grab me and midget- toss me because I never let it go.

Anyway, Mike has enjoyed the joke as much as the rest of us and we actually laugh about it all the time. Fast forward to a year later and now Mike is our Parade Chairman and he organizes what parades we sign up for and puts them together. So, all I have to do is show up and drink beer.

This year, I found a new bear to poke! His name is Doug Carlile. For those of you that don’t know Doug, he is Walla-Pa-Looza’s insurance guy. Doug works for CLM Insurance Agency and has saved myself and many other volunteers tons of money on insurance. So, call Doug and get a quote from him.

Doug, besides working at CLM, is the treasurer for the Johnsburg Lions Club, bar manager at the Johnsburg Community Club and now a proud new volunteer for Walla-Pa-Looza. But Doug likes to jump in with both feet so Joanne and I had to set him straight. See, Doug loves to utilize his experience as a seasoned veteran of putting together charity events and loves to share. But, we had to tell him, whoa big guy, you have to earn a “Chair”. He looked at us like we were nuts. Then the poking began.

So I would like to introduce Doug as our new “Food & Beverage Stool” for Walla-Pa-Looza 2010. Doug, being the light hearted guy he is, has rolled with it. In fact, when he calls me he says in a very sarcastic voice “Hey Craig, it’s the Stool …” Man, I love it. I couldn’t wait until our next Johnsburg Lions meeting so I could announce that Doug was our new stool. He rolled his eyes and said "great, now everyone in Johnsburg knows". But, seriously, I am so happy to have Doug on our side. He is one of the hardest working guys in our community. If you get a chance, read why Doug joined the Lions on the Johnsburg Lions Club website. He cares about the community. He’s a big guy with a big heart.

But, wait, I have more! I was thinking since we added two more volunteers to our group I had to come up with something for them, and, of course I have. If you have ever met my friend Dina (the singer in Blush) you would know that she is a beautiful girl but is lacking in the height department so, I would like to introduce you to our new Battle of The Bands “Step Stool” Dina Demonte. She is putting together a great line up for our under 21 battle.

Now what do I call the tallest member of the group Mike Mazrin? The poking continues.


  • Step stool blahahaha i love it…as for Maz can he be a High chair someday? Keep poking the bears Craig!

    Comment by Mike Betts — May 10, 2010 @ 7:12 am

  • If you’re still confused as to the difference between a stool and a chair, you might want to read this Yahoo Answers post I found this morning …

    Comment by Ron — May 12, 2010 @ 6:00 am