Happy Birthday Walla-Pa-Looza!

Craig Wallace, Chairman of Walla-Pa-Looza

Walla-Pa-Looza is one year old!

Yes, thats right – one year ago today, Craig Wallace sent a note out on Facebook talking about an event that he wanted to have “this summer”. He "guessed it would be a live music event" and was asking for help. Here’s his note:

I am trying to put together an event this summer that will raise money for the fight against cancer. I am guessing it will be a live music event. Depending on the location I would prefer it be outside but, I have not looked into the permits here in Johnsburg yet. I am thinking about 3-4 bands that would either play for a small fee or donate the time. The bands would be heavily promoted and each band would able to sell cd’s, shirts and promote future shows as well.

I would also have some type of 50/50 raffle, a silient auction and food as well.

I am looking for some people that are willing to give me a hand , suggestions or donations….For those of you with businesses this would be a good opportunity to promote your brand or service.

Please understand that this is a volunteer type of position but would look good on any resume’….. : )

You can e-mail me via Facebook or contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx


… and the rest is history. Happy Birthday Walla-Pa-Looza and thank you to Craig for giving birth to the idea – and to all of the volunteers for making it happen!

Check out our highlight video of Walla-Pa-Looza 2009. When you’re done watching it, plan to show up at Walla-Pa-Looza 2010. This one goes to eleven!


  • Ron

    Thank you for posting this blog. I am very proud of the people that decided to volunteer, donate and show up at our events. The hard work and dedication of the volunteers truly humbles me. I never thought so many people would decide to step up and help.

    Your friend,

    Craig Wallace

    Comment by Craig — May 29, 2010 @ 10:09 am