Parade Recap

Memorial Day Float

Memorial Day Float

Parade Recap – brought to you by Da Bears Den, Ebyte, Weber Grill, BK Boats & Sleds, SawStop, The Mega Event, ½ Times Pizza, Woodstock Infantry, Bundy Audio and hopefully many more  sponsors to come.

I really enjoyed typing that part of my blog this morning because it shows me that Walla-Pa-Looza 2010 is getting close. I can already taste the roasted corn that the Johnsburg Lions will be grilling and the Ice Cold Miller Lite provided by Charles Herdrich & Sons Inc.

But let’s move on to the Memorial Day parade.

Monday morning we met around 7:30 am to put together our float. Special thanks to Shawn Strach from Dream Real-Estate for pulling our parade float through town and making sure our purple balloons were full for the children attending the parade. Mike Betts our parade chairman purchased the necessary goods to put together our standard float. Once we arrived in our designated parade spot we gathered together to listen to some local politicians remind us of those who fought for our country. Afterward, the Johnsburg Marching band played the Star Spangled Banner and we headed back to our spot in line.

Our spot in the parade was supposed to be next to the Johnsburg Lions so Doug Carlile from CLM Insurance and I could walk with both groups. As you know Doug is our new food and beverage stool. Anyway, we were lined up next to them for awhile and that allowed us to deploy our newly purchased water guns and squirt pretty much everyone around us. Remember, I said we wanted to make raising money for cancer fun so of course we had purple water pistols. I got soaked, Carlile got soaked and so did everyone else in the Walla path of squirt gun destruction.

So off we went, The Johnsburg Lions headed out first then they held us back so the local politicians could ride behind the veterans in the Lions float then finally the Walla-Pa-Looza gang. During the start of the parade the Johnsburg bridge was packed with people. I was extremely proud of the younger walla-teers as they made sure everyone received a flyer. While they were working the flyer angle the others threw candy, handed out balloons and shot water at the crowd. It was one big Walla-Pa-Looza barrage. As we made our way down Fairview you could see the storms coming in. Lighting and thunder were close but we kept on. Nothing was going to stop us, we were on a mission.

We finally got to our destination at the Johnsburg Community Club without a drop of rain. We then departed and said good bye. Some for afternoon cook outs, others to jobs, others to visit with family. The rest of us participated in the Memorial Service. My wife, Joanne and I worked the bar for the Johnsburg Lions the rest of the day. Afterwards, I went home, ordered a ½ Time’s pizza and rooted our Chicago Blackhawks onto victory.

Whew, what a weekend! Oh, and I only had one beer and it was BEFORE the parade. It was a Corona Light. Yeh, I know, 7:30 am? But, hey a man has his traditions.

Have a great week and listen to STAR 105.5 the next few months and let me know if you hear Walla-Pa-Looza mentioned.