A Good Week

What a special week we had here in the Chicagoland area. We were blessed with a Stanley Cup by our Chicago Blackhawks and we had the Cross-Town Classic between the Cubs and the White Sox.

We also celebrated my son Justin’s 9th birthday. I love you very much Justin, you make me so proud!

Justin Wallace


J.B.B.L Sponsorship Plaque

This week I was also presented with a plaque by the Mustang Cubs for sponsoring the team. I was very proud that Walla-Pa-Looza was able give back to the community. It was so nice to see the team present it to me and say thank you. At first, I didn’t think much of it but realizing we helped contribute to the growth of the young folks in our community is pretty cool. These boys work very hard and knowing that playing baseball teaches them teamwork, sportsmanship and finding new friendships is “choice” as well. This year was special for me as I was a team coach and sponsor.

On the same day that the team presented me with our sponsorship plaque my son Justin played well enough to earn a game ball. I was very proud to see how hard he played. He had a nice hit out to right field, a stolen base and his defense was perfect. I forget how much pressure these kids put on themselves but I love teaching at this level. The coaches on our team, Jim Belfanz, Scott Rowe and I try our best to remind the kids that this is supposed to be fun. But, they want to succeed. We are not the best team in the league in fact we are one of the teams that struggle’s to win games but if we can walk away knowing that we were good role models and they learned something that will be good enough for me.

The next few weeks, things will heat up for the volunteers in Walla-Pa-Looza as we will be having another meeting and will be discussing corporate sponsorship, raffle items and much more. We have a couple more parades here locally and will be starting our advertising and marketing in the area. If you can, help us spread the word.

Also, take a look at our website. You’ll find our Paypal donate button up on the left top area of each page of the site. This gives you a quick and easy way to donate to the cause. In the coming weeks, you will also see some of our sponsors on the site as well.