25 Things You Should Know About Walla-Pa-Looza

25 Things You Should Know
  1. Yes, the story is real. I wanted to have a ton of bands in my backyard for a party …. aaaand my wife said no.
  2. Watching 20/20 made me realize that my party needed a cause.
  3. Cancer was a no brainer; a lot of people I know have died from cancer.
  4. Lavender is the color for all cancers. Yes, I was surprised too!
  5. Surprise, we have five people that maintain the Walla-Pa-Looza page on Facebook. I have an iPhone, so yes I am on Facebook a lot, but come on….
  6. People ask me all the time – "what the hell is Walla-Pa-Looza or Wappa Loza or Wata po latsa". Yeah, I know, I get tired explaining it but those that "get it" donate and support us.
  7. People do make fun of what we do. I have heard them. I laugh – I used to do that too!
  8. Our website is run by someone with a ton of IT experience. I am glad he is a friend. I would like to grow old with him and his family.
  9. I would like to grow this organization to the point of no return. I think I can, I have the right volunteers.
  10. The event will stay here. No arguments. McHenry/Johnsburg is home.
  11. I am a perfectionist, I expect the volunteers to run with ideas, but fit and finish is important.
  12. I write most of my blogs way before the actual post date. I write constantly.
  13. Almost all of the bands donate time to play. Support them! They are great local bands. If you are not sure which ones donated time, facebook or email me privately and I will tell you.
  14. I get a ton of phone calls, e-mails and notes about people with cancer.
  15. The core group that sits on the board work for free. I think thats sad because they all deserve something. Maybe one day, we will be big enough to reward the hard work they do.
  16. I do not have final say. I make sure everything goes to a vote.
  17. Nick Bionda kicks ass selling Walla-Pa-Looza to sponsors and vendors.
  18. Kevin Donlan is our Marketing/Legal/Finance guy. I encourage you to make him smile. He has to babysit me – think about that for a minute …
  19. I receive about 150 emails a day. Yeh, I know crazy right?
  20. I shop like everyone else and the funny thing is, people talk about the "WALTA PU LUUTZA" in front of me. I don’t interrupt. I feel like The Unknown Comic.
  21. I never go online when I am on Facebook. I learned quickly that chatting with 25 people is crazy.
  22. Because of Facebook & Walla-Pa-Looza I have regained some incredible relationships that I would never, ever give up.
  23. Volunteering is a great thing. I am not ashamed to admit it. It feeds my soul.
  24. We will always include local bands in our events.
  25. The date is July 31st. It starts at 2:00p. 4 great bands 4 cancer, please come out, you won’t be disappointed.