Walla-Pa-Looza 2010 Wrap Up Note

Walla-Pa-Looza 2010 Wrap Up

I am finally sitting down and trying to decide how thank the people that made this years event so incredibly special and all I can do is just say "Thank You". Last year I wrote a note to describe how I felt, but this year I had none of the anxiety I had last year. I knew that our volunteers were the most professional, dedicated and enjoyable group to work with. Maybe it was because of that that I decided to enjoy the event a little more than the year before. Yes, I had a ton of beers. But I felt like the hard work was over. Well, I found out it wasn’t. The next day I spent the morning picking up trash, moving picnic tables, loading barricades and sweeping. In retrospect, I should have put together a cleaning crew for Sunday but it was ok because Mike Betts, Chad Miller, Ed Hettermann, Chrissy Fowles Lecinski, Doug Carlile and Joanne Wallace helped me clean up.

I’d like to thank the following folks for making this years event the success that it was:

The Woodstock Infantry Club – these guys continue to amaze me. They worked our security to near perfection. They had a couple of people sneak in but handled it in the most professional way possible. Thanks guys! Hopefully you’re here for the long haul. Jason Hintz and his wife Kim helped make everything move so smoothly. Chad you have a good group.

The Bands – I cannot say enough about the bands this year. It will be hard to top these local bands, but we will try. Cover Blondz, High Life, Aeth3r and Infinity all kicked some serious ass. I know I said it a million times to the bands but they did a great job. I cannot wait to invite them back again!

Sponsors – You believed in us. Weber, Da Bears Den in Fox Lake, Ebyte, Bundy Audio, Crown Restrooms, Mega Events, 1/2 Times, IPA, Rain Nutrition, f(x) Systems, The Johnsburg Lions, Sawstop, Hair Cuttery and many, many more. Thank you all for your support.

Attendees – You showed up in droves. I can tell you that burning through almost 30 kegs of beer, 9 cases of MarGOrita’s and lord knows how many Mike’s Hard Lemonades was amazing. Our final count was well over 1800 after you included the bands, roadies, volunteers and children.

Volunteers – This event is because of you. Your friends, families and neighbors came out because they believed in you, not me. My sincere love goes out to each and every one of you. You are my extended family. We showed the community that “Anything’s Possible“.

Family – You are the best. You deal with my meetings, phone calls, e-mails and much more. I love you very much.

See you on July 30, 2011.