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Being the Chairman of Walla-Pa-Looza I get a ton of e-mails and phone calls from folks that want to let me know how important our organization raising money for cancer research and cancer patients is to them. The other day I got an e-mail from a person who felt helpless because their mother was dying from cancer. They wanted say thank you for putting this event together and promised to show up and help donate. They then asked what they could do to help. My answer was “nothing”. The reason answered the way I did is because it seemed to me that they were already going through enough and between driving back and forth to chemo and helping with the chores around their parents house that was enough. "Sit back", I said, "Enjoy the day and let my posse do the work! Have a beer, listen to some great music and forget about the trouble you have." I know it’s hard to do but if our events brings one positive to one person or one family for one day that suits me fine.

It always made sense to me to do something fun to help the community. It’s funny, but now I pay more attention to the events in our area that are for a cause. As I have gotten older it has made me realize that at any given moment I could be the one in need. I also like to see the younger people in our area donate and volunteer. A nice example is the Smith family. My friend Sheryl and her daughters worked the entire day at Walla-Pa-Looza selling pizza and pop without a complaint. I hope they took something away from this because I know I did. I felt a sense of pride knowing that our event has reached generations and generations of people. We may have only raised a small portion of money on that day but we did our part. We volunteered.

If you are planning on going out some weekend, plan to attend a charity event. We have a ton of them in the area. Pick one. I am thinking your heart will be full afterwards.

If you need a couple of ideas, here are a few upcoming events –

  • Stand for the Silent Vigil Aug 24th Midwest Bank, Johnsburg, IL
  • Fall Plant and Book Sale – Hosted by The Island Lake Lioness – Sept 17th and 18th, Walgreens Parking Lot, Island Lake, IL
  • Banjo Beer Night Sept 11th hosted by The Johnsburg Lions, Community Club, Johnsburg, IL
  • The 3rd annual JEPF Casino Night, November 13th Moose Lodge, Johnsburg, IL
  • Giving Back 5K – November 13 at 9:00am – 7:30pm Moraine Hills Park, McHenry, IL


  • Craig, You’re the Best! Thanks! Love, Char

    Comment by Charlene aka Char Kulik — August 23, 2010 @ 2:43 pm

  • Sometimes, in our daily lives we hear of causes but never really HEAR what’s going on. We’re all to blame for this. Craig is right, HELPING those that need help is a very rewarding thing to do. If it be tickets, 50-50 games, donations, what have you, volunteering to help out is a way of contributing also. Just showing up helps too. Unfortunately, in this age, we hear of more and more people needing help in one way or another. That’s why we, Walla-Pa-Looza volunteers do so much to raise money to help out in our community. Craig and crew do a fantastic job! When you hear “Walla-Pa-Looza” HEAR what’s going on.

    Comment by Ma Wallace — August 23, 2010 @ 3:02 pm