The Fruits of our Labor …

Hello again everybody,

I apologize for not keeping up with my weekly blog. Last week, I spent almost all of my time volunteering for the 3 organizations I belong to all at once. It became very hectic and needless to say tiring. It all worked out in the end but I felt like I needed a break. Even the guy that parties for charity has to relax once in awhile. So, let’s get you caught up on the events that have occurred.

Saufen Und Spiel 2010

First off, the Walla-Pa-Looza gang participated in the Saufen Und Spiel parade here in Johnsburg, Illinois. We had an incredible day. We threw t-shirts & candy out to the huge crowds that came out on Sunday. We wore our standard issue “Purple Volunteer” Shirts and rocked out to ZZ Top. We had our float decorated in lavender and white and had our new Jolly-Pa-Looza banners on the float promoting our event the first Saturday night in December.

We also handed out flyers promoting the two bands that will perform on Saturday, Dec 4th. Both bands are local bands. The first band playing is Rythmbone. I think you are really going to like these guys. They play all kinds of great music. Next up, is a return band from this summers Walla-Pa-Looza event, Cover Blondz. I am so excited to have them return as our headliner at Jolly-Pa-Looza.

Once we got done walking in the parade, we went over to our booth and worked our Walla-Pa-Looza tent selling Cookies 4 Cancer. We ended up selling out and we brought in a little over $400.00 for the day. Not bad, considering we didn’t have milk. (ha ha ha).

During the day, many people came up to our volunteers thanking them for what we were doing. I was a little worn out, frustrated and just whipped, but hearing the stories from the volunteers made me realize that whatever little things were bugging me were a joke compared to the young girl that purchased cookies from us and then proceeded to tell our volunteers about the best friend she lost to brain cancer at the age of 12. So, I guess everyone including me needs to buck up and move forward.

Check Presentation

With that said, I decided that I needed to focus on the Sage Cancer Center visit we had on Friday. The volunteers and I showed up as scheduled, presented a check for $5,000.00 and had a nice tour of the facility. I walked out of the center feeling good about what we accomplished. Next week we will send a check to our friends from the American Cancer Society & The Relay for Life group. I think this is my favorite part of Walla-Pa-Looza.

Seeing those checks go out and doing something positive makes me feel like a big, purple Santa Claus.



  • You guys need to get those super-sized checks.

    Comment by Jack — January 26, 2011 @ 8:12 am