Jolly-Pa-Looza 2010

Ron is guest blogging this week as the Chairman has a bit of a hectic schedule. Don’t worry, Craig will be back. If you miss him too much, you can always come to Jolly-Pa-Looza on December 4, 2010. Its at 7p at the Johnsburg Community Club.


Today in the Wallace home like many others we are giving Thanks. I was reading an article the other day that talked about the things people were thankful for and I wanted to give you my list on Thanksgiving Day.

Defining Moments – Rochester, Minnesota

Life is full of defining moments – those moments that you never forget and that influence your life from the time they occur. In this weeks blog post, Craig talks about one of his that happened at a pasta place in Rochester, Minnesota.

Lucky 13 …

The chairman and his wife celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary. Read more at the Walla-Blog.