Lucky 13 …

Craig and Joanne WallaceToday my wife and I share our 13th anniversary. I spent this week trying to put together a blog that could encompass my marriage to her and Walla-pa-Looza but since starting my first blog back in January of this year, I think many of those things have been explained or talked about. So today I am thinking about how many great things have occurred in the past 13 years we have been married. The boys being born, houses we lived in, laughs, friends and family. Our marriage, like many of yours, has had its ups and downs but I like to think that the good times outweigh the bad. I get incredibly sappy thinking about times where Joanne and I have shared an inside joke that only we get or things our children have done that made us so proud.

Every few years Joanne makes me watch our wedding video and at first I get pissed because I really don’t want to be reminded of how young I looked or the fact that I had hair and did not look like Charlie Brown. But in the end, we both start crying because we see so many people in the video that are not with us anymore. Deep down I like that fact that she makes me watch it because it reminds me to stop being so serious all the time and take what you get. It is kind of weird, but I would like to re-do that wedding day each year because so many people have come and gone that it would be nice to include new friends, old friends, and new family members that did not get that chance to see how nervous I was or how beautiful my wife looked even though she still looks great today.

So Joanne, I wish you a happy anniversary and my only hope is that I still make you happy and proud to be my wife. You have always stood by all my decisions – both good and bad – but most of all you believed in me.

Happy Anniversary,


PS – Happy Birthday Mom. I love you very much too!


  • I am at work with a tear in my eye reading that,i am so proud of the man you have become. I look at that picture of me and you standing next to each other maybe 10 years old with our little league uniforms on and think hiow much fun we had when we were young and stupid….now were older and slightly wiser and grateful!God Bless you and Jo on your 13th anniversary!

    Comment by Anonymous — November 1, 2010 @ 8:53 am

  • Thinking back 13 years, as you have written here and feel the loss of family and friends too, but more the joy of YOUR day. The beautiful BRIDE and handsome GROOM who have become Mother and Father, who have their lives entwined with love, laughter and caring for their family, their friends and each other. I may not be around for your 25th, but your friends and the boys will and make that day extra special for you. You have love all around you both and blessings abound from God, your families and friends. May your years ahead be loving, caring, and full of laughter. Go forth and make joyful memories. We love you….always. Mom and Dad

    Comment by Ma Wallace — November 1, 2010 @ 1:41 pm

  • Congrats on your 13 years together. If anyone says a marriage is perfect they are lying. But it’s how you overcome those imperfections and lift each other up that matters. May you have many more blessed years together. God bless you both!

    Comment by Tracy Gerber — November 1, 2010 @ 2:34 pm

  • I remember being so happy for you both that day…how jealous I was of the love you two so obviously shared and still share so much today. I am so proud of you, cousin, for all you’ve accomplished so far!!! And Joanne, Craig couldn’t have picked a better wife! You are an exceptional person and I am happy you are in the family, THAT shows how strong you really are! (to stick around THIS long..and knowing what you were getting into!!) I’m smiling at that, because you see thru what others may not actually see. God bless you both and congratulations on only getting better and going farther! Love you both and the boys so very much!

    Comment by Lori — November 1, 2010 @ 3:59 pm