New Year, New Blog – Hello 2011


First off, if your are reading this at 7am on Monday morning you must be getting ready for work or haven’t had a sip from the devils cup in years. Either way, the Bears lose, now we move onto the playoffs. So, congrats Packers fans!

Well, welcome to 2011. I felt like I just rang up one of the best years I’ve had in awhile and yet I feel like I should be ashamed. Like every one else we had some serious setbacks but I have my family, my career and my health. Others I know struggled with job loss, divorce and economic setbacks. It saddens me as I continue to look around to see great people struggling to find anything just to put something on the table. Then I read an article about employment like this one titled Is The Economy Making You Fat?

So I started thinking, maybe if everyone donated something or some time to help those in need, they would be able to do a few things. First, they could network with others in the area that they volunteer in and second, they would be able to use the time doing something in the community. I would certainly hire someone that helps folks with cancer, disabilities or old age. Trust me.

Speaking of volunteering, I didn’t feel like I did enough in 2010. Joanne always gives me shit about the different meetings I attend or things I volunteer for but I just want to do something. Maybe I have just gotten to a point in my life that I want to see my community have access to the things I had in my forty years of living. We had pancake breakfasts, sock hops, candy days, spaghetti dinners and much, much more. I see the things that my former alumni friends are dealing with in McHenry District 156 and it saddens me because I believe the community needs things to enrich the lives of our children. I know this, because my parents did just that. I learned that raising money for extra curricular activities helps mold all of us.

One of my closest friends, Sheryl Smith discusses how the social media sites have brought all of us a lot closer over at her blog. Sheryl’s point of re-connecting friends reminded me that most of us have friends that will donate to events or have done some sort of activity to raise money. Sometimes it might be raising money for soccer , baseball or even the mom that ended up paralyzed because she slipped and fell.

You know, I bring up volunteering in this blog because it’s a fresh year and I want most of you to start thinking about the organizations in our community that you can join and help volunteer with. They don’t bite! Besides, I have said this a million times, ITS OUR TURN. Before I let you head over to for that charity of choice I want to let you know that McHenry, Illinois is celebrating 175 years. It would be really nice to see Walla-Pa-Looza hit at least half of that!

Anyway, So, here is a short list of folks that could use a little help doing something for
OUR community!

For a better list or place to start you can e-mail me because I would love to give you a start on a great path!

Have an incredible year!



  • Very nice Craig!

    Comment by Barb — January 3, 2011 @ 9:23 am

  • Craig…I am ashamed to say that I just read this..I was a little late this week on reading it….You are awesome, we are all awesome and all is so well said! The communities are so so strong and are endless if we put our heart and souls into it! BUT…I truly believe that we have started an incredible path to giving and I love that it is to our community, it is so rewarding! I am so blessed to have you and Jo and the boys and everyone involved in Walla in my life…oh and sorry Aggy wanted to eat you to pieces last night….although..they do say dogs know things humans don’t…hmmmm? lol. HEAVY METAL!!!!!

    Comment by sheryl — January 4, 2011 @ 10:54 pm