First Times

Mike Mazrin

This is the first time I have ever blogged.

First times … take a minute to think about all the first times we have in our lives:

  • The first time we start a job.
  • The first time we get a car.
  • The first time we graduate.
  • The first time we meet our soul mate.
  • The first time we hold our newborn babies, or take our kids to their first day of school.
  • The first time Craig had the idea to throw a party for charity that snowballed into Walla-Pa-Looza.
  • The first time a person hears that they have cancer.
  • The first time we lose a loved one to cancer.

Some firsts are so incredible, we will never forget them and some are so bad they have the same lasting effect on us.

Recently I experienced one of my firsts; I lost my job, and was unemployed much longer than expected.

Working with the Walla-Pa-Looza gang helped me keep my sanity, but still I felt I needed to do more with my time.

I have been a very active blood donor since High School and one day while in the Heartland Blood Centers in Crystal Lake, one of the nurses suggested I donate platelets.

I found out a person can donate platelets every two weeks, which sounded ideal for all the extra time I found myself with.

Platelet Apheresis allows blood centers to collect only the platelets from your blood, which are vital for patients with bone marrow transplants, cancer, leukemia and other fatal blood disorders.

So I found myself experiencing another first – donating platelets.

Lets face it, the economy is still pretty rough, and many of us struggle to make ends meet. By donating platelets, or even whole blood you are helping save a life without having to give up much of anything.

You even get a drink and a snack.

If you have never donated, I strongly suggest you consider it, and make it one of your firsts.

Please check out these websites for more information on Platelet Donation:

God bless,


Editors Note:

Check out this video interview with Debra Estes of the American Red Cross about Platelet Donation.


  • Nice job mike ! Congrats on the new job, yes alot of friends out there struggling in this economy, great to reunite with old and new friends through Walla-Pa-Looza !

    Comment by mark olson — February 28, 2011 @ 8:06 am

  • Nice job, Mike! What a great idea sharing this info with us about donating blood and especially platelets. I didn’t know you could do that! I also have to say I got a little teary eyed reading what you wrote about “firsts”. I have experienced most of the ones you mentioned, and have to say, you were right on target with your blog.

    Comment by Joanne Wallace — February 28, 2011 @ 8:42 am

  • Well done Mike, you and your family should be very proud of what you do for others, how wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Comment by Kim Wolff — February 28, 2011 @ 6:00 pm

  • Good “donating p.r.” Mike – I may try donating platelets soon – I’ve only done whole blood, but I’m there like clockwork every 8 weeks! We’ve even had coinciding appts on several occasions! Nice job getting the word out!

    Comment by Robbin — February 28, 2011 @ 6:30 pm

  • The FIRST time I met Maz was in Sean Gahagns garage during a DISRUPTER practice session! Nice job on the post Mike! There are so many worthwhile causes that come and go but there is always a need for blood.

    Comment by Nick — February 28, 2011 @ 6:57 pm

  • Nice words Mike.

    Comment by Phil Sweeney — February 28, 2011 @ 9:43 pm

  • Great Job Mike, it is great having you as a friend and volunteer for Walla-Pa-Looza.

    Comment by Craig Wallace — March 1, 2011 @ 8:54 am