Down to the Wire

Postmarked ā€“ 1:50pm Day of Jessica Bertulis Benefit ā€“

Well, I thought I would be finished with the silent auctions but Iā€™m not. I continue to get calls, e-mails and packages dropped off to help Jessica. What an amazing show of support. We are also getting a few donations via PayPal. Keep them coming. Every little bit helps.

As I had said, we have so many individual families continuing to give. Make sure to check our meat raffles and 50/50 as well. Chad Miller runs an incredible raffle. He also has a surprise new twist this time around.

Joanne and Craig Wallace

I posted a note on Facebook today explaining that my wife has a birthday today so when you decide to drop in on the event she will be the one that will be taking your donation at the door and checking identification. Wish her a very Happy Birthday today. She truly is a special person. Besides, she puts up with me!

All kidding aside, our volunteers are a great group. If you need help or have a question feel free to ask one of our many folks running around in Walla-Pa-Looza purple or Johnsburg Lions blue.

I also wanted to give an early thank you to the following groups that help us out on a regular basis:

To my wife Joanne, Happy Birthday, I hope this day is special for you.