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Jamaica Mon

Well, I thought I would put a quick blog together before the family and I head off for a Jamaican vacation that is well deserved.

For those of you that know me, I usually have 100 things going on at once and this is the time of year that I shut down and relax. I am hoping one or two of our volunteers will decided to grab the wheel and do some guest blogging while I am off. I am proud of our volunteers and what we have accomplished in such a short amount of time.

Since I should give you a recap of the Jessica Bertulis event, I figured I should start with the attendees. I was so pleased to see so many people from all over the area show up. I noticed so many familiar faces in the crowds and I apologize if I didn’t say hello or stop and chat but if you haven’t already learned, I get the game face on. Not sure why I get so serious but, I do. Anyway, I had an opportunity to speak with Dave and Cindy for a little while and I can tell you they were completely blown away by the support the community gave to them. I would imagine they made a few new friends here locally. We don’t have an exact number but we figured during the event we had around 400 or more attendees and many of you gave more than the $5.00 donation which was awesome!

For those of you that attended, you got to dance the night away with my friends in Bony Knees. They love doing events like this because most of the guys in the band understand that we are all in this together. So, with that said, the guys donated the time to play for us last Saturday night. We also had in our house sound guy Dave Moravec who donated his equipment and most of his labor. Together they gave us a great night of entertainment.

I also want to throw a thanks out to another great organization I belong to; The Johnsburg Lions. They put together the 50/50 raffles and meat raffle ticket sales throughout the evening. I love doing joint events with the guys in the Lions. Many of those guys have been doing this for years and I learn something new with each event. My good buddy Chad Miller who also belongs to Walla-Pa-Looza and The Johnsburg Lions did an incredible job putting together yet another quality meat raffle. His professionalism blows me away. I loved his “Wheel Of Meat”. I think a lot of people enjoyed it as well. I noticed Maria Groves wife, of Bony Knees guitar player Larry Groves, won a nice basket of meat and that was nice to see. Maria and Larry donate quite a bit of time helping here in the community.

Bar Sign

Another group that deserves a high five is The  Johnsburg Men’s Club. They donated all of their time behind the bar working an eight hour shift without a complaint and then donated every single dollar they received for tips to Cindy and Dave. I believe it was over $420.00. Great Job guys! Yes, I am member of this group too….

I can’t forget all the great Silent Auction items we received. I was so impressed with the items that came in. Some that stick out are the Chicago Sun-Times donating Chicago Symphony Orcestra tickets and White Sox Sky box Tickets. We also had Paul Anest donating Wolves tickets, Rush tickets and a $500.00 gift card. Our Village President Ed Hettermann stepped up too! He donated a Prime Rib dinner with all the trimmings. To be cooked, served and waited on personally by him. I know we had a ton of other donations but I can’t remember them all. But thank you!

Before I go, I wanted to thank my wife yet again for spending her birthday volunteering but, truthfully, seeing her write this on her Facebook page was “CHOICE” – It Read -

I was so amazed at the outpouring of support we had last night for Jessica at the fundraiser! So many people asked if I was upset having to “work” on my birthday. There was no place else I would rather be. I was surrounded by all of my friends and doing something good for someone. I feel I already have everything I could want in life. Last night was better than any birthday present I could have ever received.

Reading that makes me feel even stronger in my commitment to help those in our community. Because Joanne is right, when we do these events we are surrounded by friends. We see old friends, new friends and continue to meet great people along the way.




  • Nice Craig and I would like to thank all of the Volunteers or Walla-teers. It is always a great night working together with our team and making this happen. Without all of the volunteers, we could not pull this off. It is a great team and the time and effort each person puts into this is rewarded as you see the people and support walk into the doors of any of our events. Pulling the communities together is what it is all about and how we make a difference. Remember….Giving and caring goes a very long way. Being a volunteer and making the comittment to help others is something you want to do for not yourself but for the ones that are in need. And, that is exactly what we all do! Another great event successful by the communities in a whole!!! WP3!!!!!!

    Comment by Sheryl — March 23, 2011 @ 12:42 pm