A Volunteer

Sponsored by the Johnsburg Lions Club and Walla-Pa-Looza

I am very excited because tonight the folks from Walla-Pa-Looza and the Johnsburg Lions will be presenting a check to the Bertulis family for $9,560 dollars. This amount was made possible by the Johnsburg Inc board and the many donations that came in. When we add to that the number of tips donated that evening by Johnsburg Men’s Club the Bertulis family will receive $10,000. What a job well done by everyone involved. I feel so very blessed to live in an area that can show support even with the economic struggles we are seeing in the area.

We also were able to help another family in need in the month of April. My friend Jason Hintz had a fund raiser for his Aunt Kathy at the McHenry Moose a few weeks back and although many of our members could not attend, they voted to present the family with a check to help the cause. I myself was not in attendance because I was out of town on business. I made sure my wife and children were in attendance and presented a check. As much as we all try to support every fund raising opportunity – it’s hard. All of us have careers, families and activities to balance.

Our Volunteers

I try to wear as many hats as possible. I am currently involved in Walla-Pa-Looza, JBBL as coach for two teams and Coordinator, Johnsburg Lions member and Johnsburg Men’s Club member. I do it because I care about our community and care about those around me. We knew many of us could not attend for Jason but we donated the money we worked hard for to a good cause, a family member of one of our volunteers.

In closing, being a volunteer is just that. Remember that people volunteering give up time from families, jobs and other activities to do the right thing. Be cautious when dealing with people that volunteer, they don’t get paid and are doing it because they care.

It’s funny because my 9 year old son lists his occupation on his Facebook page as “Walla-Pa-Looza” and I asked him why. He said, “Well, I might not get paid, but I help out, I clean up, hand out flyers, and whatever else you ask me to do.” Well said!

Justin understands, being a volunteer is work but its rewarding, he is learning…..

Have a great week and I promise the announcement for WP3 will be right around the corner. Thanks again!


Note – Since this blog was pre-written, I learned Kathy Kroll passed away on Saturday morning. Our prayers are with the Hintz family.


  • I’m very privileged to know you and your family and so proud of all the work and time you donate to help others.

    Comment by Sherri — April 25, 2011 @ 12:04 pm

  • Said it before, and I’ll say it again. “You’re a good kid, Chuck.”

    Comment by Wendy — April 26, 2011 @ 9:19 am