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"Walla-One" Flying over Fiesta Days

"Walla-One" Flying over Fiesta Days

Yes, I know it’s been a few weeks since I touched base via the blog, but I have been over extending myself as usual. From heading north to see REO, a visit to the ER, cleaning up my rental property to Fiesta Days and much, much more.

This past weekend was Fiesta Days, and besides the fact that I had Walla One flying around promoting our event, I hope you were able to see some of the entertainment that was assembled for the festival. The entertainment director, Jeff Kleinschmidt put together a great weekend. It was nice to ride his coat tails for a few days and I learned a lot. He has some really good volunteers. In fact, a few of them asked me if I needed any help for our event. I might have to take them up on the offer – they were outstanding.

Walla-Pa-Looza is putting together a group from the Sage Cancer Center to bowl and meet with the Bears on Saturday July 16th at Raymond’s Bowl in Johnsburg. We thought it would be cool to bring some people with cancer and cancer related issues to spend time in the VIP area to meet Johnny Knox, Caleb Hanie, DJ Moore and Earl Bennett. This event is being put on by my friends in the Johnsburg Youth Football Association. I figured Walla-Pa-Looza would ante up some VIP tickets and bowling with the Chicago Bears. If this makes a family forget about the troubles they have for just one day, we are doing our job.

For some of you that have volunteered for our events  you know I get nuts right around this time. I must have told my wife Joanne “this is the last time I am doing this” about 100 times. Just ask her. Living with a perfectionist is not what it’s cracked up to be. But in the end, our volunteers will step up, kick ass and let the magic happen.

Speaking of magic, Mike Betts has registered Walla-Pa-Looza to have a  parade float for the McHenry Fiesta Days Parade on July 17th. We will have Huey Long on the float rocking out. If you’re not sure who that is, they won our 2010 Battle of the Bands on our second stage last year. Make sure to check them out. They are the first of FIVE bands that will be on the main stage this year. So, give us a shout out at the parade on Sunday.

More random stuff –

We have added more bands, more vendors, a petting zoo, more drink choices, more food choices … more, more and more!

I am hoping to blog one more time before the Big Event … in the mean time, I need to get my act together as I will be spending the week in Las Vegas at a trade show called AWFS.

Make sure to come out on July 30th. You will see old friends, make new friends and meet folks just eager to raise money for a great cause!