Captain Reconnect Connects It All Together

Mike and an autographed picture of his favorite Tween Idol

Mike and an autographed picture of his favorite Tween Idol

Hey gang! I am this weeks guest blogger and am pretty excited to write something … though for some reason I never felt like I was a good writer. As a matter of fact, I don’t even read books unless they contain bright shiny pictures that can keep my attention. See, I have the attention span of a ferret at times and I usually either get bored writing or my mind wanders so much I lose focu …

Hey anyone wanna go ride bikes? Oh wait – I’m writing a blog that’s right – ok back to why I am here.

We all know how Walla-pa-looza came about and Craig wrote a blog about me some time ago called Captain Reconnect and the Walla-Gang. He did a good job but I wanted to add something.

Even though I lost my father to brain cancer and I have lost half my family tree to cancer, I got involved with Walla-Pa-Looza for two reasons. One is more of a selfish reason – I was able to reconnect with so many people from my childhood that I had lost track of after high school.

As many of you know, Craig was one of my best and closest friends through my early childhood and we lost track of each other after he went to college and I got married at the age of 20. I must say, I am quite proud of the man he has become and seeing how involved he is with so many things in life is quite inspiring. Then there are all of these board members and “wallateers” – some I may have only known by name, others I knew through family. I am so very proud of the hard work they all do. I want to thank them all for helping inspire me to do more.

The second reason was we were trying to help individual families and organizations that truly have a passion for fighting this plague. Cancer really is a plague and is growing every year. We are working hard to help people through tough times and relieve them from the emotional pain that cancer causes. I love when we have an event and we have the family that we are helping present and we can see the smiles and joy on their faces – just from having a good time. They are not smiling at that moment because of the temporary financial relief we can provide, but because for a moment they get to have fun. For a moment they can breathe – and for a moment they get to live life with less stress. For me, seeing these people up and dancing or laughing with old friends and new is priceless.

Now that I have brought myself to a tear, lets move onto some Walla news! This year we have added some awesome new things to Walla and one was the addition of some rock and roll collectibles to our silent auctions. These items are provided on consignment and though they start with a higher opening bid, they offer fans of rock and roll a true value.

Guitar autographed by original members of KISS

Guitar autographed by original members of KISS

Our headlining item will be an electric guitar autographed by all four original members of Kiss. We also have an autographed Sylvester Stallone boxing glove, an autographed Bon Jovi drum head, an autographed Eric Clapton album, an autographed Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band album, an autographed Cheap Trick picture, an autographed Billy Joel picture, and an autographed Justin Bieber picture.

For the highest bidder on the last item, I might be able to get Ron Bieber to autograph an empty Hot Pockets box.

Now before you say “How can it get better then a Ron Bieber autographed Hot Pockets box?” – we also have an autographed Jay Cutler football, four airline tickets, Sox box tickets and a whole lot more.

So don’t forget before you leave the house … bring a friend, bring your wallet and – most importantly – bring your heart!

Best Wishes!



  • Mike –
    You did a great job with your blog! Don’t ever sell yourself short. Maybe writing is not your niche but you certainly gained my attention. You have over come many obstacles in your life and have the ability to do great things. You have a big heart and that goes a long way. Thank you for all of your help, without you, I would not have a buddy to hang signs with and smoke cigars. Now don’t pop yourself in the head with the pole driver, I don’t want to spend Walla-Pa-Looza in the ER. Besides, they don’t sell beer.


    Comment by Craig Wallace — July 27, 2011 @ 9:51 pm

  • Nicely done Mike – Once again the Walla team’s labor of love for those in need fighting cancer have out done themselves. The proof will be on Saturday when you see the fruit of your efforts bloom before your eyes when you see the JCC community grounds packed with given folks. All the best.

    Comment by Dick Doyle — July 28, 2011 @ 9:17 am