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Walla-Pa-Looza 3! July 30, 2011!

I was talking to Joanne this week and she reminded me that right before the “big event” I always put together a special “week of” blog and since Mike Betts wanted to write up a blog we turned on the spell check here at the Walla Word Wide Headquarters and let him fire away! Mike put together a really great blog on Monday. After reading it I had to sit back and think about a few of the things he said.

First, he mentions that we do these events to see people smile and forget about the pain and suffering many families go through when they or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Mike is right: one day of dancing, drinking and laughing can help ease the hurt for just a little while. Second, Mike mentions the fact that he regained old friendships. He is right. I too have rekindled many old relationships by being the guy that “parties for cancer”. I couldn’t have said it better.

As I write this, old friends, new friends and people I have never met are rallying around our organization. We continue to receive incredible items for raffles, checks, cash and words of encouragement. I hope this is the year we hit yet another record number of attendees and monies. The sky is the limit and with your help, we can help a family, donate for research or fund new equipment at the Sage Cancer Center.

I know Saturday will be a lot of work, but, I think we are up for the task. We always assemble an incredible group of volunteers! Look for us in the new and improved tie dye “wallateer” shirts. We have more choices for food, booze and other cool items including an ATM machine in case you feel like you can give JUST a little bit more.

By the way, here are just a few places to check out during the event:

Whew, ok I am getting tired of typing but you can check out our vendor page and when you do you can see we have all kinds of cool things to check out.

So, on July 30th at The Johnsburg Community Club at 12:00 a few thousand people will dance, drink and donate. The weather is supposed to be in our favor so grab your sun block, lawn chairs and like Mike said on Monday, bring your wallet because I don’t want the guys from the Woodstock Infantry Club to grab you by the ankles and shake every last nickel from you!

See ya Saturday!



  • One of the best blogs yet Mr. Chairman!

    Comment by Nick — July 27, 2011 @ 6:40 pm