The Gift of Giving Part Deux

Last year right around this time I blogged about some of the things that I missed around the Christmas season, in particular, Joanne’s mother and my grandparents and if you didn’t read it you can read about it here. I still continue to think about those good old days but today, I am thinking about children. In particular, mine. Here’s why.

Joanne and I are trying to teach our children that doing things for others is a good thing – helping raise money for cancer patients, selling wreaths to raise money in the community, giving to the food bank or just showing support by dropping a buck into the Salvation Army bucket. We both feel that learning by an example is a great way to teach and I think it’s rubbing off, check out my youngest son Andrew’s weekend news update –


As you can see, Andrew had an “awesome” weekend because he went to Jolly Pa Looza and WE raise money for cancer! Well Andrew, I am glad you had a good time and I am glad you and Justin like to help. I appreciate it when you toss candy at the parades, hand out flyer’s and spread the word. It makes me feel so good to see how proud you both are and the smiles on your faces when you get to help others, keep up the good work. The world needs volunteers and both of you have the training to lead the way. As long as they don’t pick up some of my other examples we will be fine.

Andrew touched on Jolly Pa Looza and I figured I should touch on that as well. We raised almost $10,000 and had an incredible night. We had great bands, great food, cold beverages and most of all, friends and family. If I can say I learned anything from putting this group together, it is that helping others is contagious and if anyone should be thankful during the Holidays it’s me. I have two wonderful kids and a wife that lets me party and raise money at the same time!

Have a great Holiday Season!

Craig -