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Time Stamp – May, 31, 2012

In 2009, I came up with this crazy idea to have bands, beer and food here in the Village of Johnsburg to raise money in the fight against cancer. In as little as four years we were able to secure close to $100,000 to help the cause. With that money we have been able to help with purchases of equipment at Centrega Sage Cancer Center, continue research at the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation and help the American Cancer Society do what they do best. But, our efforts didn’t stop there. We found out our friends right here in our backyard needed our help and of course we stepped up to the plate. We receive letters and applications from those that need us. We love giving. We know what this disease can do to people. We watched our fundraising help pay for Gas, Food, Medical bills and go into trust funds for the children of those who have passed away. From what I can tell, people are grateful. They send us thank you notes or in some cases the family sends the thank you because the person we helped has passed. Walla-Pa-Looza works, we have proof. It works because YOU believe in us, YOU trust us to make the right decision.

Today, I write this blog because for the first time in our short lived history we need more. Yes, more. We have assisted more individuals this past year than we have in almost all the years combined. So, our idea was to grow our events to the point of no return so we could give more. With that, we increased our budget for our bands and spent more on advertising. Our thinking was, create more awareness, help the cause. This year, we have two well known Chicagoland acts Libido Funk Circus and Hi Infidelity. Next year, we are already planning for a National Act of some sort.

If you can, help us continue to grow. We can help your friends and neighbors with donations, sponsorship and gifts. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be part of bringing KISS to Johnsburg?!?!?!?!?

For more information on how you can help Walla-Pa-Looza go to our website or click on our PayPal link to donate.

See you on July 28th and remember, Anything’s Possible this organization is living proof!