It’s Go Time!


Timestamp – July 10 12th, 2012 Appleton, WI

I am sitting in the Country Inn & Suites here in Appleton, WI waiting for the MLB All Star Game to start and seeing all the pre-game festivities it reminds me that over the next 20 days I will be involved in two very key festivals in my hometown area. The first one is, McHenry Fiesta Days who along with McHenry Chamber will be celebrating 60 years of success. This year, I was part of something really special. I was one of the people that helped bring the band Tesla to our area. Now, mind you, my friend, Jeff Kleinschmidt played the key role but as his “right hand man” I could not be more proud. He took my advice on our Sunday band, Pop Evil and I think they will rock the house. As a resident that spent my entire life living in the area, I have a sense of pride knowing that this could be one of the biggest events my home town has hosted. I cannot wait to spend my weekend working with such a great organization. Here is to another successful week of entertainment!

Now on to part two! Walla-Pa-Looza, in our 4th year of putting together “the fastest growing not for profit music festival” we are going to “ELEVEN” I am again extremely proud to be a part of what will be our biggest endeavor in our small humble beginnings. We spent more, advertised more and put it all on the line. Yep, I mean all of it. We are gambling that this Walla-Pa-Looza will get us to the point that we can sit down and figure out which national headliner will grace us with their set list in 2013. But before we get pre-mature, let’s focus on what we are doing now. In my last blog, I had said, I heard that our Battle of Bands has been set. We now have six, count em six bands competing for prizes. Our friends at Epic Deli are putting together something special for us too! We have all kinds of other surprise’s, like new beverages, Ice cream and new inflatables for the kids and much, much more. If you follow our Facebook page you will hear our new radio commercial in a few days. We will also be doing a raffle that will include a cool flat screen, blue ray player and much more! Those tickets will be available the day of Walla-Pa-Looza and will be drawn at our Jolly-Pa-Looza event the first week of December. The tickets will be a dollar each, six for five. Purchase a couple because we are doing five drawings.

We also have our friends at Ray Chevy helping us. If we can help them get to 2000 fans on Facebook they are going to give us a donation. It’s simple. Click, Like and you helped. How easy is that?

For those of you heading out to the McHenry Fiesta Day Parade in a few weeks look for us to have New Tattoo on the float. Just a sneak peak of what’s in store for you at Walla-Pa-Looza 2012. I have also talked to some of the members of Libido Funk Circus and Hi Infidelity. They are very excited to play our event. It’s like having two title bouts for the price of one!

If you have a motorcycle check out BK Boats and Sleds. They are doing a ride to the Walla-Pa-Looza festival grounds the day of the event. $25.00 a person gets you a steak lunch and all kinds of cool stuff. Go to for more info. These guys rock!

So, besides being only five dollars to witness some incredible talent, what else do you need besides some great friends, helping a great organization and some memories that will last forever?
July, 28th, 12:00, Johnsburg Community Club.

Make it the other great summer event you attend this year …

You never know, we might take over the first spot next year.



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    next Jolly Pa Looza, huh? Guess I better mark my calendar! ;)

    Comment by Wendy — July 12, 2012 @ 9:50 am