No Excuses

Time Stamp – 2 Day, 3 Hours, and some odd minutes.

I have been talking too many of the people that have donated items, put money in our bank account and I have to say, people really want to help. It’s kind of funny, even in our 4th year we have people that cannot believe a C student that loves cigars and beers from McHenry put together an event to help his community. Well, me either. I’m the guy that drinks in parades! Well three years later and 100K raised I have my crew at it again! Yeah, they are bringing it. I bet we blow up The Johnsburg Community Club like they have never, ever seen! Mike jokes in “our” video that I want to go to eleven. I do, but hell I am already taking the 2013 event to thirteen!

We are two days away and I want to put on the biggest party this side of Chapel Hill Road. I truly know how hard our volunteers work every year and this year we have a lot of competition. So, what I need is for YOU to tell everyone you know that Walla-Pa-Looza is the best entertainment for the buck in the area on July 28th. I mean where in the hell can you get 5 bands for $5.00 and I mean really good bands. Not that crap you see on a Tuesday down at the Regal Beagle. I mean in your face rock and roll!

I have a friend that will miss this event because he himself is going to visit a family member in the hospital with cancer. He has a good excuse. What is yours? Tired? Wrong! Hungry? We have 1/2 Times Pizza and Family Affair that can fill you up. So that’s not it! What is it? Did I piss you off when we were in school? Well, ok. I might have but come on! I will buy you a beer and things will be all better! Besides, I am guessing I don’t remember it anyway. I can’t even remember why I walked into a room anymore.

Seriously, come out and try our event. I promise that it won’t disappoint. We love what we do and who we do it for – our friends, family and neighbors!

See you on Saturday!


PS – Hug someone in purple on Saturday! They deserve it…….