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Last week, I was attending a trade show in Las Vegas and all kinds of things went wrong for me. First, my credit card was compromised and I had 5 hour delays and cancelations. I had flights going into the wrong airports, $80.00 taxi rides and to wrap up my week a red light ticket. I will admit it I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. I mean, I am in the middle part of my life and isn’t that what we do? So, Sunday comes along and I decide that I need to go put up the Jolly Pa Looza banners for the event we are having on December 7th. A couple of friends offer to help and even my ever so pleasing son Justin wanted to help but, I would have none of that. I needed peace. I needed to go outside in 20 degree weather and put these banners up so people will take notice. But most of all, I needed to be reminded that even though I had a really shitty week someone is losing a loved one or was just told they themselves have cancer and it’s spreading rapidly and that they should plan accordingly. So I took all my anger out on pounding posts into the half frozen ground, tied the banners to the posts and realized life is really not that bad. Then later that night, I went over to my friends and had a few cocktails, some Chinese food and watched my children play with a 2 year old. I had a nice ending to my crazy week but, most of all, I needed to learn that whatever little problem I have is nothing compared to someone who is facing hundreds of thousands in medical bills.

Speaking of medical bills, a friend of mine posted a link to a young ladies Gofundme page. She is from McHenry, and needs a double lung replacement, get this, because she beat cancer, but has now developed pulmonary fibrosis, which is scaring of the lungs from all the chemo, stem cell transplants and radiation. Our organization Walla-Pa-Looza is going to put together some money and help her because well, she needs it and she is part of our community.

So here’s the thing, when the folks from Walla-Pa-Looza put together an event, show up. Help out your neighbors. Believe it or not, I actually, had to help one of my old neighbors so, I KNOW the money helps. I hated reading the “Thank You” note because, I hated the fact that they had an application to begin with.

No one in the area offers the entertainment we offer for the pricing we charge. Our events were designed this way, because, I found listening to great bands like Friction, 4Grand and Valentine  are an easy way to raise money. I can’t run (bad knee) but I can stand around, drink beers, eat pizza and drop a few bucks on Silent Auctions and meat. Yes, I said meat and lot’s of it. I know we all have families, company Christmas parties and lord knows what else but, if you can, stop by, say hello and make a difference. So, jot down this information and stick a post it on your fridge.

Jolly Pa Looza 5
Johnsburg Community Club
5:00 til 1:30
3 Bands, Meat Raffles, Silent Auctions
Food, Beer and fun





  • Take care and keep up the good work!

    Comment by Mary Ann — November 25, 2013 @ 7:31 pm

  • AWWW CRAIG That post made me shed a tear!!! Good luck for jolly!!! We will be there!!!You all work so hard but helping others less fortunate is what your group is GREAT at doing!!

    Comment by lina hettermann — November 25, 2013 @ 11:23 pm

  • Craig, you are amazing.

    I wanted to add my 2 cents worth. I am a clinical social worker and part of what I do is go to the homes of people who are unable to go to an office to receive counseling services. The people I see are exactly the type of people that Craig and Joanne are trying to help. The individual that Craig described is unfortunately many people I see. Many of these people I see not only have to suffer from this horrible disease and it’s horrific treatment regimen, many have to do it alone without family support. Many have lost everything! Many have to decide how they are going to pay for what they need. They have to choose between paying for their doctors or hospital bills or pay for medication. They have to decide whether they have enough money to pay for their utilities or buy groceries. Many are homebound and don’t have the ability to get to the store let alone their doctors. They have to take a bus or go by ambulance which they cannot afford either. Many cam barely get around their homes but because of insurance regulations, many cannot have help with getting baths, or having help with house cleaning and laundry. These are things that people don’t realize what individuals go through especially if they are 64 and younger many people don’t qualify for needed services.
    So I thought I would provide some awareness of what people with cancer go through! I needed to share this because I just lost a client today who was 56 years old and couldn’t obtain the necessary medical care because he didn’t qualify for anything! So give and give generously! There are a lot of people who are suffering and they suffer in silence because they are too ashamed to ask for help!

    Comment by Nancy — November 26, 2013 @ 10:14 am