It’s A Wrap~

So, our Social Media director – Marketing director – and all around great guy sent me an e-mail with a nice suggestion. He thought we should do a 2013 recap and well, this is it. Time for me to go back in time and revisit what went on within our organization, Walla-Pa-Looza. So, let’s begin. […]

Middle Aged Idiot

  Last week, I was attending a trade show in Las Vegas and all kinds of things went wrong for me. First, my credit card was compromised and I had 5 hour delays and cancelations. I had flights going into the wrong airports, $80.00 taxi rides and to wrap up my week a red light […]


For some reason, actually finishing a blog this week has been tough. I have started THREE different ones, stopped them and didn’t save them. Each time I would get half way through and decided to delete them. Maybe because I didn’t feel like they were worthy of our website or maybe it was because I […]

Sweet Emotions

Today, I have an office day. I use this time to catch up on e-mails, pay bills and organize all the craziness in my life. I had some time today at lunch to punch out a blog. It’s only Thursday and this week has been filled with all kinds of emotion. On Tuesday I paid […]

2013 Walla-Pa-Looza Band Announcement

I never thought Walla-Pa-Looza would be around for five years but, this year, we wanted to give you FIVE decades of Rock and Roll once again for $5.00. Please make sure to watch the video, turn it up and share with anyone you know that might want to celebrate 5 years of kicking cancers ass with us. […]

Not going to Walla 5…… That’s a Paddlin’

A blog for Walla-Pa-Looza.  Yep, my first blog for Walla-Pa-Looza.  For starters, let’s backtrack to late June 2009.  Throughout Johnsburg, I started seeing Walla-Pa-Looza being advertised around town, such as a banner at Chapel Hill Road and Johnsburg Road, and on the marquees at Angelo’s and Johnsburg State Bank.  I thought to myself, what is […]

Sand between the toes causes Friction

When writing blogs for a cancer organization it gets boring. If I were writing for Rolling Stone interviewing a bunch of spoiled rock stars I’m guessing I would get sick of that too. So this week, I figured I would mix my blog up with some cancer benefit talk and some rock and roll talk […]

The Brain Box

I was texting with a friend last night and he had reminded me that I wasn’t really using our website as a tool to communicate our on goings here at the Walla-Pa-Looza WWHQ. He is right I have a hard time coming up with reasons to blog. So this week I am going to give […]