Date News Item
03/12/2011 Walla-Pa-Looza appears on page 10 of the March Edition of the Johnsburg Village Voice.
11/04/2010 Jolly-Pa-Looza appears in the November edition of the Johnsburg Village Voice
10/12/2010 If you are a family struggling with cancer and you need help, submit our Application for Financial Grant by Walla-Pa-Looza (Word Document)
8/30/2010 Walla-Pa-Looza gets a "Thank You" in the Johnsburg Village Voice.
7/28/2010 Northwest Herald: House party-turned-fundraising bash returns
7/17/2010 The Walla-Pa-Looza Organization receives its official 501(c)(3) designation. We are an official non-profit organization now!
6/26/2010 Walla-Pa-Looza tops the list of the Relay For Life Sponsor List
5/24/2010 Walla-Pa-Looza partners with Sage Cancer Center for 2010 event
3/12/2010 The Johnsburg Village Voice mentions Jolly-Pa-Looza and the Radtke Fundraiser in their Spring 2010 edition
11/02/2009 Walla-Pa-Looza gets ANOTHER mention in the Johnsburg Voice Newsletter, Winter Edition on page 7! Check it out here.
10/08/2009 Walla-Pa-Looza gets a mention on page 3 of the Fall Edition of the Johnsburg Voice Newsletter. Check it out here.
08/09/2009 Mike Betts, our emcee for Walla-Pa-Looza 2009, wrote this letter to the editor of the Northwest Herald expressing our thanks and reminding everyone that Anythings Possible!
08/01/2009 Check out the video piece from the Northwest Herald – shot “on location” at Walla-Pa-Looza 2009!
07/30/2009 Northwest Herald article: Cancer fundraiser gets personal
07/28/2009 Bionda Family Press Release – New Reasons To Raise Money [PDF][HTML]
07/25/2009 Dina DeMonte and Nick Bionda appeared on Harvard Radio (88.5 FM) to talk about Walla-Pa-Looza. See the recorded interview on video here
07/20/2009 Volunteer Meeting at the Johnsburg Community Club 6:30PM
Bring any donations you may have for the silent auctions with you.
07/19/2009 Northwest Herald article: House party becomes fundraising bash
07/19/2009 Walla-Pa-Looza 2009 $100.00 sponsorship tables sell out.
06/09/2009 Walla-Pa-Looza issues their first press release. [PDF]
06/08/2009 Volunteer Meeting 7:00 PM at Halftime Bar & Grill in Johnsburg, Illinois.